Talent Houz Refer & Reward Program

Referrer FAQ’S

  1. How do I get paid?
  2. Submit your details, plus the details of your friend in the referral page. If they are successfully employed to a position through Talent Houz Services and meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the terms & conditions, then you will receive a RM 300 reward.

  3. How to know am I entitled to claim the reward?
  4. Our consultant will contact you once the person you referred has been placed into a role and meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the terms & conditions.

  5. What happens once I submit the details of my friend?
  6. We will contact you to confirm that both you and your friend meet the eligibility criteria of the ‘Refer & Reward’ campaign. Once we have successfully confirmed the details of you and your friend, we will contact your friend and assist them for on boarding either a new permanent or temporary role in Malaysia.