Oscar Low

Co Founder cum Business Development Director

Oscar Low’s rare understanding of both talent acquisition strategies allowed him to lead a team serving more than 150 Human Resource Managers from both MNCs and SMEs. Realising a gap in the widening SME space, the nine-year veteran in Human Resource Solutions establishing and founded Talent Houz in 2018, a boutique recruitment consultancy firm specialising in recruitment for SMEs. A passionate individual when it comes to recruitment, Oscar thrives at assisting his clients achieve their business goals through robust talent acquisition strategies.

Ellys Low

Co Founder cum Recruitment Lead

Ellys Low’s exceptional eye for details has made her an instrumental part of Talent Houz’s recruitment team. A finance and economics graduate, Ellys’s keen eye for details and understanding of human psychology has allowed her to better help her client’s communicate what they want in an ideal candidate. A highly motivated and driven individual, Ellys’s greatest source of motivation is the creation of value for both the talent and their employer.

Established by, Oscar and Ellys Low, Talent Houz specialises in talent acquisition and contract staff solutions for SMEs and MNCs. These range from a wide spectrum of fields such as IT, Manufacturing, Retails, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources. A business unit owned by the TH Group, Talent Houz has been providing high quality talent acquisition services to the market for the past 10 years.


Help 30,000 organizations to succeed through talent acquisition across Asia.


We connect organization and talent through innovative recruitment methods, and help them to create a sustainable competitive advantage, in future workforce transformation.

Innovation and Creativity

We’re open to using innovative technological solutions and approaches in talent acquisition to help address our client’s recruitment needs.


We safeguard all our client’s information and work to comply better with the country’s recruitment laws.


We take pride in your trust in us. When we take on your tasks, we promise to deliver a solution.

Starving To Do Better

We are constantly looking for new and better ways to achieve breakthroughs for our clients. Resolving difficult challenges is part of our passion and a source of inspiration at Talent Houz.


We believe in empowering people and that includes our clients. We believe that working together will provide both parties a better understanding and greater autonomy in the talent acquisition process.