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As one the business unit owned by TH Group, Talent Houz specializing in talent acquisition and contract staffing solution for the past 10 years, we work closely with SME and MNC from a wide spectrum of industries including Information Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Sales & Marketing and Human Resource. With the expertise and passion of our recruiters, business development and staffing team, Talent Houz has quickly become the go-to HR partners for the customers. We cater to all sectors within the market industry as we aim to set the highest standard of professionalism and quality in employment services. Searching and hiring potential talent is more significant than ever before as people are the most important assets of the company. We have the tools to connect companies with the best talent, as well as connect the right fit candidates align with the company vision and requirement.


To empower 100,000 companies to strive success by engaging with better talent acquisition strategy, meanwhile create 1,000,000 job opportunity for well prepared job seekers by aligning their passion with customer business objective.


Supporting well prepared individuals or job seekers to plan and achieve their career goals with Malaysia preferred employers. Supporting every organisations to achieve their corporate goals by aligning the interest and objectives of job seekers.